About us

Al-Mumayaz Taxi is a new service and it is operating in partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority. The projects have a specialized staff and modern (VIP) cars to transport passengers to and from Baghdad International Airport and work within the city of Baghdad.
We provide innovative solutions to the transport speed crisis by employing modern technology provided by smart phones, websites and mapping services in order to provide safe and fast delivery services.
Al-Muamayz Taxi service is special by ease, comfort and high security with lower prices compared to other companies, where users can get their own taxi, which will reach them to their whereabouts in simple steps, either through the short number or through the special application that works on the Android and IOS systems.

Our Vision

Our distinguished quality system is the main focus in formulating and achieving our goals and the way to achieve our vision of “leadership in passenger delivery services”.
We, the distinguished Taxi Corporation, are committed to meeting the needs of our customers according to the laws and regulations to be the basis for us in providing the best transportation services across the country.

Our Goal

We are constantly striving at Al-Mumayaz Taxi Corporation to achieve our goal of being “pioneers in safe, reliable and smart transportation services under the slogan” Al-Mumayaz Taxi, you are distinguished. “
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